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Water meter neutraliser

The aim of this neutralisation symbol is to neutralise the high frequency waves, and their potential negative effects, generated by the new water meters.
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We evolve in an environment that is more and more connected and increasingly open to technological progress. This encompasses some advantages that cannot be denied. However, it is important and even recommended to try to limit as much as possible the negative effects implied by the use of such technological items. This is why Yann Lipnick, his team and their invisible friends keep creating neutralizing symbols, which are programmed and present a specific use for each subtle pollution that can be identified.

The aim of this symbol is to neutralise the potential negative effects of the water meters. It must be placed over the water meter, with the image facing upwards, or on a support at the level of the water entry point in case you do not have access to the water meter.

1 sticker symbol measures about 7x7cm