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The Neutraliser

This waveform is capable of erasing electric, electromagnetic and hertzian influences on the etheric (energetic) plane.
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Yann Lipnick has simply improved it to make it more effective. To use it you must stick it or draw it on the devices that you wish to neutralise: Refrigerator, television, modem, landline phone, or most electrical appliances that you use. He designed this waveform in different sizes so that you can place them on the majority of appliances to be neutralised.

You can print the file opposite on sticker paper for easy use. You can order entire templates containing stickers of 22 different symbols in various sizes (adaptable for use on most electrical devices). These purple templates are created so that the symbol appears without a white background. This colour makes the symbol more effective and visually pleasing. You will receive them at your home, ready to stick on your appliances.