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ePub Nature Spirits

Ideal book for beginners who wish to start on the path of discovering (…wish to begin discovering) the wonderful world of nature spirits. This book will give you the initial keys to recognise and communicate with them. You will also find within, an approach to the principal geobiological phenomena.
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Beyond myths and legends, Yann Lipnick invites us to meet the magical world of nature and her people (fairies, elves, dragons...). He trains us to discover their bioenergetical properties and relays some of their messages. Thanks to measuring tools and clear explanations as to how to use them, the reader is invited to verify that they exist and are very real.

The author then opens up the new possibilities of Bioenergetics. Many simple and unique techniques – that require no special instrument and rest on the feeling of vital energy – can be put in action in order to improve and change our everyday life, and most of all discover again our creative power.

Lastly, thanks to a precise description of geobiological phenomena, he grants us access to quite an unknown world. Here again, methods are offered to maintain the ecological balance and make the best use of the potential of our beautiful planet Gaïa.

ebooks ● 252 pages ● isbn: 978-2-9530143-8-9 ● © Ôvilorôi 2012



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