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ePub Invisible Presences, Guardians of the Earth

This book introduces most of the invisible presences that populate our planet: angles, archangels, Elohim, ascended masters, intraterrestrials, nature devas, etc. This pedagogical book also contains exercises that will help you to communicate with these presences.
New geobiological phenomena are presented that will give you a more complete view of the invisible worlds that surround us.
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Obvious result of the first volume of the collection mysteries of Gaïa, this work can be used like a handbook of organic-energy. Thanks to the exercises suggested in the first part, it allows the gradual training of measurement techniques resting on felt vital energy. Moreover a simple technique of activation of the Vehicle of Light called Merkabah puts close to all a powerful tool for evolution.

The second part of the book offers to a presentation of the hierarchy of the invisible presences guardians of the Earth and puts at the day the correspondences and the fabulous coherence which exist between let us panthéons mythological various traditions. The specific attributes of the beings which constitute this cosmology as well as the bioenergetic parameters making it possible to recognize them are indexed so that each one can request them according to its needs and collaborate with them to restore the balance of our beautiful planet.

The third part, in an original and chamanic approach of the crowned geobiology, delivers accurate informations and new relating to ignored phenomena… It also establishes the existence of the people will intra and extraterrestrial which work within great universal fraternity for the rise of Gaïa.

ebooks  ● 266 pages ● isbn: 978-2-9530143-4-1 ● © Ôvilorôi 2011



• summary
• the activation of Merkabah