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Dynamic designs

A dynamic design is an active design whose effect has been considerably amplified by “programming” the object. This process, which has been used throughout time by the Initiated consists in creating an etheric installation that is programmed into the object. This installation uses free and unlimited energy.

Advice and warning

All dynamic designs are to be placed flat. Not to be cut. Do not fold them. The plastic covering is not resistant to solvents.
The taste of drinks and foodstuffs is significantly modified. Generally they will lose their acidity. Water is polarised and the organism accepts it better.

The amplifier of vital energy must always be placed with the design facing up, even if it is stuck under a table. Do not place under a pillow.
For obvious reasons, it makes no sense to photocopy or scan a dynamic design and goes against its programming.


● Printed rigid card ● roughly 14x14 cm ● © Ôvilorôi ●


Pricing of dynamic designs

• From 1 to 4 items: 17€ + postage
For 5 or more items of the same model: 14€ + postage


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Dynamic designs

Shamanic Journey

Sales price: 17,00 €

This dynamic image was conceived particularly for people who wish to experience modified states of consciousness in order to develop new means of perception and communication...

Vital balance

Sales price: 17,00 €

This dynamic image "Vital balance" was programmed to restore the energy flow in the body by neutralising the most common causes of the immunity level decays...

Deep sleep

Sales price: 17,00 €

This mandala has been specially created for people who have difficulty in falling asleep, people who suffer from insomnia or even people who just want to get a deeper regeneration while sleeping....

Kundalini awakening

Sales price: 17,00 €

This dynamic image allows the energy from the centre of the Earth to circulates up through your nadis and superior chakras...

Vital energy amplifier

Sales price: 17,00 €

This dynamic image generates a mini vortex around itself, which causes the amplification of cosmic energies in the place where it is placed. This characteristic allows several possibilities of use...

Water and food dynamisation

Sales price: 17,00 €

The purpose of this dynamic image is to dynamise water and transfer positive information to it. It helps to remove all the negative memories and restore the information of love and light in water...

DNA regeneration

Sales price: 17,00 €

This image, related to intraterrestrial presences, stimulates the regeneration of your DNA and improves your self-healing potential.

Wine improver

Sales price: 17,00 €

This image, considered as essential for wine lovers, allows to improve the flavour of wine, as well as its balance, and to rise its spiritual level.