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Ôvilorôi Publishing House, works by Yann Lipnick

This publishing house was created in January 2009 to publish and distribute works that contribute to the evolution of the collective consciousness. These books will allow you to explore fields that are little known to the general public, like nature spirits, geobiology, the secrets of the human body, or the wonderful invisibles presences that share the Earth with us. They will help you to better understand the structure of the invisible worlds, while developing your own extrasensory perceptions at the same time.

By buying a book published by Ôvilorôi publishing house, you go directly from the ‘producer to the consumer'; thus you give to me: writer and researcher, the means to continue the research, that I hope will allow you to go even further in the dazzling mysteries of our beautiful planet Gaïa…and into your own inner world.


Yann Lipnick